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(B. A. degree) thirty-three hours in history including HIS 111, 113, 250, and 450. Students must take at least three hours of American, three hours of European, and three hours of Asian/non-Western history. Eighteen hours must be at the 300-level or above. Total hours required: 33

Eighteen hours in history including at least one course in two of the following three areas: American, European, or Asian/non-Western.

The major requires two seminars: History 250 should be taken in the second semester of the sophomore year; History 450 is taken in the first semester of the senior year. Students who plan to attend graduate school are encouraged to take additional history courses as electives.

The broad base of knowledge needed for a history degree allows graduates to pursue a variety of careers. History majors in recent years have gained admission to graduate and law schools and schools of diplomacy. Others have found jobs in house museums, government service, and in business. Some students have entered the ministry. History majors are taught to be leaders rather than managers. In business, students have to begin at entry level positions but rise quickly because of their analytical skills, writing ability, and intellectual curiosity.

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