Georgetown College Catalog
Department of Music


The Georgetown College Department of Music is housed in Nunnelley Music Hall.  The primary goal of the department is to provide a wealth of meaningful experiences with, and about, music for all members of our campus community.  Within the historic and distinctive tradition of liberal arts scholarship for which the College is nationally recognized, the department strives for excellence, whether in the classroom, studio or ensemble setting.  The Department of Music offers a wide and varied selection of courses for music majors, minors and those electing to further their ability, knowledge, appreciation and understanding in the area of music.  All students entering the music program as a major or minor must successfully audition in their performance area.  Acceptance as a music major is conditional upon approval by the music faculty.  In addition, a music theory diagnostic test must be completed.  Before being accepted into the B.M.E. program, an interview must be completed with the music education faculty.

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