Georgetown College
Department of Music
Internship Handbook


MUS 460 Music Internship.  (1-3 hours credit.  40-50 hours per semester for 1-hour credit; 80-100 hours per semester for 2-hours credit; 120-150 hours per semester for 3-hours credit.)

Off-campus music internship assignments may be arranged with local churches, businesses or other organizations.  A student who desires to arrange an internship in music must present a written proposal to the area faculty internship supervisor and the department chair.  Assignment is dependent upon availability of suitable placement.  The student is assigned to the organization during normal business hours.  Basic assignments will include training and development activities introducing the intern to various aspects of a professional organization.  In consultation with the faculty internship supervisor and mentor organization representative, the student will establish goals and objectives for the internship experience, and maintain a daily log of activities to be submitted to the faculty advisor on a monthly basis.  The log will also include a monthly progress report relating to the outlined goals and objectives.  The student will formally consult with the faculty supervisor each month to assess progress.  At the end of the program, the intern will prepare a final formal report on the internship experience.  

Application for MUS 460 must be made at least six weeks in advance of the internship start date to allow time for individual placement.  Final acceptance of the proposed program is determined by the faculty supervisor and department chair following consultation with the mentor organization supervisor.  Interns need not receive remuneration for their activities unless this is a business practice requirement of the sponsoring organization.

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