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Each internship partner should assign a letter grade (A-F) in the appropriate space to reflect learning, participation and performance of the student intern while associated with the sponsor organization.  Indicate N/A if the criterion is not applicable regarding a specific quality.  The final grade will be the responsibility of the faculty Internship Supervisor.  Provide additional comments on the reverse side of the form.  Thank you.  (A=90-100%, B=80-89%, C=70-79%, D=60-69%, F=0-59%)


Student Grade Mentor Grade Supervisor Grade FINAL GRADE
Intelligence:  Ability to think and learn, grasp ideas, alertness, resourcefulness.        
Industry:  Enthusiasm, thoroughness, determination, attention to detail.        
Dependability:  Punctuality, regularity of attendance.        
Initiative:  Imagination, independence, intuition, capacity for self-starting.        
Impression upon others:  Honesty, sincerity, tact, proper dress, speech and action.        
Cooperation:  Ability and willingness to work in harmony with and for others.        
Judgment:  Ability to grasp situation, think clearly, and develop logical conclusions.        
Technical skills:  Ability to complete technical tasks as assigned and on time.        
Achievement of goals & objectives:  How well were program objectives met?        
Overall assessment:  Use reverse side for any additional comments.