Example No. 1 of Goals and Objectives

Project Description:  Working with the Minister of Music, First Baptist Church, Anytown, Kentucky; study the various facets of a music ministry position.

GOAL: Understand the responsibilities of a music minister.
OBJECTIVES: Complete a flow chart for the church ministerial staff and organization at large.
  Examine the music minister job description in the churchís bylaws.
  Request a copy of the music ministerís resume.
GOAL: Develop strategies for planning an efficient weekly schedule.
OBJECTIVES: Examine the music ministerís long-range weekly calendar.
  Pattern a hypothetical weekly schedule after the model.
  Construct an actual weekly schedule, including all normal responsibilities, musical and other.
GOAL: Develop a realistic strategy for producing a successful large-scale seasonal music production.
OBJECTIVES: Examine past programs of large-scale musicals (Easter, Christmas).
  Plan the musical content of a seasonal musical.
  Plan staging, costuming, other logistics.
  Construct a rehearsal schedule beginning sufficiently in advance of the performance date(s).


Example No. 2 of Goals and Objectives

Program Description:  Work with head sound engineer, Reflection Studios, Anytown, Kentucky; gain proficiency in music technology applications through hands-on recording studio experiences.

GOAL: Understand applications of microphone choice and physical placement in live acoustic recordings.
OBJECTIVES: Make a chart of all microphones utilized by the studio.
  Gather scientific/electronic information on the specifications of each device.
  Study microphone choices/physical placement made by the engineer in a variety of sessions representing various musical styles.
  Determine from the engineer why the particular choices were made.
GOAL: Develop acuity in the area of MIDI recording applications.
OBJECTIVES: Make a chart of each MIDI instrument available at the studio.
  List the digital/electronic capabilities of each instrument.
  Observe/experiment as possible with special uses of MIDI technology in direct and acoustic recording sessions.
GOAL: Gain proficiency in digital editing and utilization of special effects on a multi-channel mixer.
OBJECTIVES: Diagram the main recording/mixing console at the studio.
  Chart electronic/special effect parameters available on each channel.
  Make notes of techniques used by the engineer during a variety of recording sessions.