The internship program is designed to provide students with opportunities to gain field experience. This includes learning about specific operational/business functions as well as the interpersonal relationships within the work place. Students will obtain insights into specific functional areas of vocational concern and into the challenges present in the actual work situation. These supplement, and in some cases replace, the classroom since these experiences go beyond that is possible in the classroom setting.

  • Expand classroom learning into applied learning in a controlled professional environment.
    Partnership of student, organization mentor, and Georgetown College faculty internship supervisor.
  • Emphasis on insightful cross-functional learning experience.
  • Target 120-150 hours per semester (8-10 hours per week) for 3 hours of upper division credit during either fall or spring semester. Depending upon the nature of the internship assignment, the student may opt for a 1- or 2-credit hour internship experience (40-50 hours of work = 1 credit hour).
  • Junior class standing and 3.0 GPA recommended; 2.5 GPA required.
  • The student in consultation with the faculty internship supervisor will make arrangements for an internship experience which will enhance the student's degree program.
  • Internship experiences may be arranged in any community, dependent upon the ability of the student to commute to the internship site.
  • Regular monthly progress reports and a final term paper report are required.
  • The student will be evaluated using normal letter grades. The evaluation will be based on student performance assessments, monthly progress reports and the final written report.
  • The mentor organization's priorities and business practice determine the project scope and resources, information access and confidentiality, and possible compensation and expense reimbursements.

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