Georgetown College
Department of Music
Internship Handbook


  • Provide a meaningful learning experience which encompasses activities and insights into the nature and operations of the overall organization, or a component of the organization, such as your department.

  • Provide in advance of the internship a description of the assignment and/or an outline of the duties and responsibilities of the intern.  Review and approve the goals and objectives which the intern will be asked to prepare.

  • Provide training and professional supervision as needed to help the intern fulfill the responsibilities outlined.

  • Keep the Georgetown College faculty Internship Supervisor advised of any problems which may arise during the internship.  Give program feedback at the conclusion of the internship.  (Appendix)

  • Prepare an evaluation of the internís performance at the end of the program.  The student intern will initiate this review, using a standard format.  (Appendix)

  • Counsel the student in an appropriate one-on-one setting in regard to personal feedback pertaining to the learning experience, and share a career perspective as it relates to the assignment, to the organization, and to the industry at large.

  • Help keep the internship/company profile at Georgetown College updated to attract top students in the future.

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