Georgetown College
Department of Music
Internship Handbook


Requirements for participation.  (The internship program is equivalent to an upper division course.)

  • Junior standing is a requirement for an internship.

  • Grade point average of 3.0 or better is recommended; GPA of 2.5 is required.

  • Demonstrated good citizenship and high responsibility level.

  • Availability of suitable internship opportunity, and acceptance by the internship sponsoring organization or company.

  • Approval of the faculty Internship Supervisor and Department Chair.

  • For a Church Music Internship, MUS 415 Church Music Administration is a prerequisite, as well as MUS 335 Fundamentals of Conducting.  

  • For a technology internship, MUS 319 MIDI Computer Music and Media is a prerequisite.

Application to the program.

  • Discuss the program with your advisor, reviewing your needs for graduation.

  • Determine if the program and time commitments will fit your schedule--this means scheduling your classes such that you will have sufficient consecutive hours free for the internship assignment.

  • Meet with your faculty Internship Supervisor to discuss possible assignments.

  • Submit a written proposal to the faculty Internship Supervisor and Department Chair.  (See Appendix.)

  • At least six weeks prior to the semester in which you wish to take the internship, complete and submit the Internship Application and your resume to the Internship Supervisor and Department Chair.  An application form is included in the Appendix.

  • Be prepared to adjust and update your personal resume after consultation with the Internship Supervisor/Department Chair.

Procedure following application.

  • Acceptance into the program will normally occur within one week after the application has been submitted.  If additional information is needed, you will be advised.

  • Following acceptance into the program, you should immediately meet with the Internship Supervisor to begin the search process for a suitable internship assignment.

  • After contact has been made with an organization, you will be asked to meet with a representative of the organization to gain final approval by the sponsoring agency.  You will not be formally accepted by the organization until after this interview.

  • Following acceptance, complete and submit the Placement Confirmation form to the Department Chair.  (See Appendix.)

Specific requirements of the assignment.

Your own responsibilities:

  • With the assistance of the Internship Supervisor, establish two to four goals/objectives for your internship.

  • Update your personal resume, which will help your organization mentor introduce you to your new work group.

  • Budget sufficient time and effort to make sure your internship is a valuable learning experience.

  • Be enthusiastic and positive.

Your responsibilities to the internship organization:

  • Report for the hours assigned and advise your organization mentor if for any reason you will be unable to report during the assigned hours.

  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct by respecting your sponsor organization's  work environment, dress code and work culture, as well as its code of ethics and confidentiality.

  • Complete in the given time frame the assignments requested by the organization.

  • Report any problems which may arise during the internship assignment to your Organization Mentor and Internship Supervisor.

Your responsibilities to Georgetown College and the faculty Internship Supervisor:

  • Keep an internship notebook consisting of your time log, monthly progress reports, and final term paper.

  • Written assignments:

Daily log to be submitted regularly in the internship notebook (a new, clean binder used exclusively for the internship).

Brief progress report and term paper report on the total program.

Appreciation letter sent to your organization mentor at the conclusion of the internship, with a copy sent to your Internship Supervisor.

  • Meet regularly with your Internship Supervisor to discuss activities, problems, questions, etc.  (Present notebook at these meetings.)

  • Update your Internship Supervisor's Georgetown College Music Internship file with recent organization literature.


Final acceptance into the program is dependent upon finding suitable opportunities in the business community for the student, and the student's maintaining acceptable academic standing.

The final grade will be determined by the faculty Internship Supervisor with the assistance of the sponsoring organization.  An evaluation sheet will be jointly prepared by the Organization Mentor, the student, and the faculty Internship Supervisor.  The grade will be based upon this evaluation and the quality of written assignments, including the final term paper, and the weekly/monthly conferences with the faculty Internship Supervisor.

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