Georgetown College
Department of Music
Internship Handbook


  • Expand classroom learning into applied learning in a controlled professional environment.

  • Partnership of student, organization mentor, and Georgetown College faculty internship supervisor.

  • Emphasis on insightful cross-functional learning experience.

  • Target 120-150 hours per semester (8-10 hours per week) for 3 hours of upper division credit during either fall or spring semester.  Depending upon the nature of the internship assignment, the student may opt for a 1- or 2-credit hour internship experience (40-50 hours of work = 1 credit hour).

  • Junior class standing and 3.0 GPA recommended; 2.5 GPA required.

  • The student in consultation with the faculty internship supervisor will make arrangements for an internship experience which will enhance the student's degree program.

  • Internship experiences may be arranged in any community, dependent upon the ability of the student to commute to the internship site.

  • Regular monthly progress reports and a final term paper report are required.

  • The student will be evaluated using normal letter grades.  The evaluation will be based on student performance assessments, monthly progress reports and the final written report.

  • The mentor organization's priorities and business practice determine the project scope and resources, information access and confidentiality, and possible compensation and expense reimbursements.

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