Georgetown College
Department of Music
Internship Handbook


Q How many credits can I earn for my internship?

The typical upper-division music internship is planned for three (3) hours credit.  This is based on 120-150 contact hours per semester.  You may, however, arrange an internship on the following schedule:  80-100 contact hours = 2 hours credit; 40-50 contact hours=1 hour credit.

Q How do I get a specific internship assignment?
A Obtaining individual internship assignments is a joint student/faculty Internship Supervisor responsibility.  Applying for an internship does not guarantee acceptance.  The Internship Supervisor will assist in attempting to make arrangements for an internship.  Following initial discussions with a music faculty member, you should make a formal written application to the faculty member, who will become your faculty Internship Supervisor, and to the department chair.  You must be qualified for the assignment, be interviewed, and maintain satisfactory academic standing.
Q Can two or more students be involved in the same internship opportunity simultaneously?
A No.  Internships are focused individual learning opportunities with an emphasis on a quality mentor/student relationship to create and foster a hands-on experience in a regular workplace where co workers are full-time employees.  It is acceptable for a participating organization to sponsor more than one internship at the same time providing the internships represent different assignments.
Q How long does an internship last?
A The internship runs concurrently with the Georgetown College academic year, which includes Fall and Spring 15-week semesters.
Q Can a summer job be considered for an internship?
A Yes, if pre-approved by the faculty Internship Supervisor and Department Chair.  It should be noted that the Internship Program is an academic learning experience, and not a part-time job.  Jobs typically focus on one task under the immediate supervision of a manager.  Internships require a company mentor.  Regular meetings with the mentor and faculty supervisor (independently), and an all-encompassing or cross-functional learning experience that must be summarized in a final report.
Q Can a student be compensated for an internship program?
A Compensation is not a part of the Music Internship Program and Georgetown College neither encourages not discourages compensation.  Many organizations require compensation for on-site interns as a matter of company practice.  Students are required to commute to their internship location at their own expense.  They should discuss with their mentor possible reimbursement for exceptional expenses required during the course of the internship.  Organizations may also, at their option, make contributions in cash or in kind to the Georgetown College general scholarship fund for any value received from a student project.  It is recognized that participating as a sponsoring organization is de facto a significant company contribution.
Q How are the time commitments for the internship computed?
A The three-hour internship program carries a similar workload to any other three-hour course at Georgetown College. Students must keep an Internship Project Notebook where they are to record their project time hours.  The final term paper is a mandatory part of the internship program and should be approximately ten or more pages, plus attachments.
Q How are grades computed?
A Each internship project will vary, depending upon the nature of the assignment.  In all cases, the method of grade computation should be agreed upon prior to the internship by the student, Faculty Internship Supervisor and Mentor.  Students are required to define goals and objectives (in the recommended format), and grading will be assessed in relation to these.  Students must take the initiative in determining their final grade by first completing their self-assessments (Appendix) and forwarding this to their program mentor, who will forward it to the faculty Internship Supervisor.  As a general guideline, the final report will count from 30-50% of the final grade, as will the joint student/mentor/faculty supervisor Intern Evaluation Form.  The daily logs and monthly progress reports will count 10-20%, and student punctuality, commitment and enthusiasm for another 10-20%.
Q If my internship is out of the immediate Georgetown College area, how can I accomplish the requirement for regular reviews with the faculty Supervisor?
A Copies of the internship progress reports may be mailed to the faculty Supervisor, with the originals maintained in the Internship Notebook for future review.
Q Will my internship mentor and organization supervisor be the same person?
A Generally, yes, although this is not a requirement.  Larger organizations may split this responsibility.
Q If my mentor is very busy and frequently unavailable because of travel or other commitments, how can I meet the requirement for frequent reviews with my mentor?
A It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the mentor.  It is likely that your mentor will not always be available.  The recommended weekly meeting need not always be in person.  Written progress reports may be submitted.  The initiative and confidence that the student shows in working this out should be considered and can be assessed as a part of the grade.
Q Can a student participate in the program without receiving academic unit credits?
A In all cases, students must participate in the full Music Internship Program, including all reports and final grading.  The internship is a course and cannot be audited, and withdrawals will only be considered under highly unusual circumstances.  In order to receive academic credit that counts toward graduation requirements, students must be enrolled as full-time students.
Q What is required for keeping daily logs?
A At a minimum, students must organize a calendar of on-site contact hours with the participating organization.  Students should note who they are working with, and where.  These logs will be reviewed by all participants in ensure that schedules are understood and adhered to as planned.  Detailed observations and notes should be kept in the notebook.
Q Can a student receive academic credit without pre-registering and pre-approval by the faculty Internship Supervisor and department chair?
A No.
Q Can a student drop or withdraw from an internship once it has started?
A This is very strongly discouraged.  When applying for an internship, the student is accepting responsibility to represent Georgetown College in the business community.  To withdraw debases the time, cost and efforts of participating organizations and can lessen their support for future Georgetown intern students.
Q Can I use my job search resume for my internship resume?
A Yes, but it is recommended that you tailor the resume for the internship situation.
Q How long will my mentor internship interviews last?
A A lot will depend upon your level of preparedness, the specifics of the internship, and the mentorís prior experience with internships.  With preparation, interviews last under an hour.  You should, however, allow for more time.

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