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Kentucky High School District 7-11 
All-State Regional Choirs Rehearsal
Georgetown College, January 16, 2010

Georgetown College was delighted to host the 2010 Kentucky High School District 7-11 All-State Regional Choirs in rehearsal for the tenth consecutive year.  The event was coordinated by Mr. Adam Beeken (Lexington Catholic H. S.).  Rehearsals were directed by the following music professionals:

  • SATB:  Mr. Brent Merritt (Scott County H.S.); Mr. Rob Vanover (Lexington Catholic H.S., accompanist).  Cralle Student Center Hall of Fame Roome

  • SSA:  Dr. John Campbell (Georgetown College); Ms. Lori Smith (Georgetown College Staff Accompanist).  John L. Hill Chapel

  • TTBB:  Dr. Steve Bolster (Berea College); Ms. Glenna Metcalfe, (Royal Spring Middle School).  Cooke Lobby

* * *

Mr. Adam Beeken (Lexington Catholic H.S.), All-State Coordinator


Participants gather in John L. Hill Chapel for announcements


Dr. John Campbell (Georgetown College) addresses group


Dr. Steve Bolster (Berea College), director
Ms. Glenna Metcalfe (Royal Spring Middle School), accompanist







Dr. John Campbell (Georgetown College), director
Ms. Lori Smith (GC Staff Accompanist)

Ms. Tiffany Marsh (Western Hills H.S.) rehearsing alto sectional 




Dr. John Campbell rehearsing soprano sectional in NMB 21







Mr. Brent Merritt (Scott County H.S.), director
Rob Vanover (Lexington Catholic H.S.), accompanist






  Time for a FREE pizza lunch in the GC Cafe!

Argh!  I'm afraid that the photographer got tied up with serving pizza and forgot to
take photos in the cafe ....

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