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Georgetown College Department of Music

At the end of each semester the GC Chapter of Collegiate Music Educators National Conference enjoys preparing "Survival Kits" that family members have purchased for their beloved college students so same might somehow survive final exams.  The kits contain a variety of edible items, plus a few items that are not so edible, such as pencils, pens, etc., etc.  In any case, a good time is had by the preparers and the recipients.  Proceeds fund various music activities for MENC students, such as trips to conferences, operas, musicals and other professional activities.

(Back Row) Chasity Phelps, Paige Priest, Adam Johnston & Melissa Langley.
(Front) Dr. Campbell & Courtney Carter

Ashlie Wrenne, Chasity Phelps, Paige Priest, Adam Johnston
(Background) ... A blurry image of Bigfoot, proving the creature
really does exist.

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