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Georgetown College
Department of Music

Chamber Singers Spring Concert
April 10, 2003, John L. Hill Chapel
Dr. John W. Campbell, director

Leslie Conver
Jennifer Pratt
Maggie Russell
Amanda Birdwhistell
Tim Finley
Brian Mattingly
Josh Hearne
Michael Potapov

Paige Priest, production assistant

Pre-Game & Concert Shots

Maggie Russell & Paige Priest

Josh Hearne confers with Dr. Campbell

Michael Potapov & Brian Mattingly

Amanda Birdwhistell, Josh Hearne, Columbo
Wait, wait!  No, that's Tim Finley

At long last, one of the singers secretly wins the age-old bet:  
Dr. Campbell's pants ARE held up by suspenders.

Leslie, Josh, Maggie, Brian, Jennifer, Tim, Amanda, Michael
(Dr. Campbell)

Dr. Campbell, Josh, Tim, Amanda, Leslie, Maggie, Jennifer,
Brian, Michael

Dr. Campbell conducting

Leslie Conver, Josh Hearne, Maggie Russell

Brian Mattingly, Jennifer Pratt, Tim Finley

Amanda Birdwhistell, Michael Potapov

Ah, the group engages in a bit of staging for the Fauré Pavanne

Brian Mattingly, tenor, during his solo on Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit

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