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The Fall 2000 Cookout!

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Each fall the department organizes a cookout on the Nunnelley Music Hall lawn so music students and faculty may get to know each other better in an informal setting.  Music faculty instantly become gourmet chefs (cough cough), while students engage themselves in a bit of Human Bingo, volleyball, soccer, frisbee throwing or general schmoozing. 

Pre-cookout jitters??  Music students will do almost ANYthing 
to avoid faculty cooking for as long as possible.

Known for creative pranks involving propane gas, Dr. Easterday 
attempts to catch Dr. LaRue off guard as Prof. Ballard wisely flees.

An overdressed Dr. Tilford joins the campfire crew.
Okay, okay, so he JUST presented a recital ... always an excuse.  ;-)

Fed up (so to speak) with the number of bats captured in building 
this year, the faculty chefs take revenge.

Nothing like a little Human Bingo to whet the appetite.  Another 
possibility:  Dr. Tilford lectures on the rules of tournament croquet??

Lela (L) attempts to lure Katie (R) into betting on the horses,
but a reluctant Katie seems to recall a sermon on the subject.

Prof. Metcalfe enjoys an out-of-body experience; meanwhile, 
Prof. Ballard poses with Ash.

These two music students ... well, what can ya say??  
We'll just have to keep an eye on 'em.

... Everyone seems to smile before they taste the faculty cuisine.

The traditional hands-in-the-pocket collegiate pose.
(Thank God for pockets ...)

Preparing for the five-legged race, perhaps?

Lela with Sara, proving that there is life during student teaching.
(Life after is another story ... shh!)

Strong wind that day ... even blew in one of our favorite
retired music professors.

Dorian tries to escape, but she must eat.

Caught at last ...  Panama Jack, er, Dr. Redditt, religion professor, 
chides a certain music professor on the ethics of cooking 
without the proper credentials.  

Finally!  Time to chow down.

Little do they know ...

Oh no! ... the return of the dreaded knee-cam.

Some folks prefer the gentle caress of a concrete slab
to enhance their dining experience.

Things were actually going quite well at the cookout this year until it 
was discovered that the Biology Department ice chest (pathology)
had been delivered to the music cookout by mistake.

Well, perhaps there were a few more ... "incidents."

But the Prez dropped by, so things must not have been
too out-of-hand??

President Crouch is just a little too street-smart to accept the
offer of a faculty-cooked burger, however.

Nothing like an immediate game of volley ball to burn off the 
effects of any inadvertently-ingested microbes.

It's truly a shame.  Everyone saw the UFO except for the
team facing west.

Jason does his part to cement the department's relationship 
with the neighbors across the street.

Cursed with extreme shyness and severe halitosis, 
year after year, Igor longs to be a music student.

What a way to end a day!  Members of the freshman music theory 
class have a study session before the dreaded first test the
following morning.  "Elementary" heck!

* * *

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