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The Fall 2001 Cookout!

(Grab a cup o' coffee ... may take a while to load.)

Each fall the department organizes a cookout (for lack of a better term :-) on the Nunnelley Music Hall lawn so music students and faculty may get to know each other better in an informal setting.  Music faculty instantly become gourmet chefs (... perhaps at the parallel-universe Georgetown College), while students engage themselves in a bit of Human Bingo, volleyball, soccer, frisbee throwing, etc., etc., etc. 

Fortunately, Dr. Tilford had just read the new sign in the Nunnelley lobby:

Dr. LaRue perpetrates his "fake plastic fire" gag on
an unsuspecting and impressed Dr. Easterday.

How typical is THIS??  TWO people working and THREE
people standing around watching?!

The chefs show their school spirit.  (Actually, they were trying to
spell Glycerin Cyclopentasiloxane, but they ran out of meat.)

Jill and the Lewises take a stab at Human Bingo.

Alas, more students succumb to the joys of Human Bingo
and the thought of a Blow Pop when all squares are completed.

Dr. Campbell and Ash are suddenly taken aback by the square that read:
"Smashed a cream pie into the face of a choral director."

Jeremy, Holly & Brian

Brian & Jill take Human Bingo a little too seriously--both having
claimed to have won first.

Mitch, Leslie & Jessie

Brock & Jill

Jon, Erica, Brian & Maggie

Jessica & Michael

Britton & Gavin

Leslie, Jessica, Erin & Jennifer

Leslie, Shemeka & Clint

FINALLY ... time to eat!

Anne, Lucy, Megan & Marcia

Having been nailed by a pigeon at the LAST fall cookout,
Leslie is taking no chances as she goes through the line this year.

Not having been instructed as children that it is gauche to play with food 
items at a cookout, Jason & Tiffany reek havoc with the condiment tray.

Laura & Katie were unsuccessful in getting others to join their
would-be "flying food" gauntlet.

... Some swore the lemonade spill resembled Abraham Lincoln.

Others insisted that the spill had morphed into Bill Clinton ... 
or, perhaps, "Burt" from Sesame Street.

When clarinetists suggest a food fight ... the cover to the brownies
always makes a respectable shield.

... Having high-intensity low-brass speaks, no doubt.

Hey!  It's "Cigarette-smoking-man" from the X-Files!!
Wait, wait, that's only a Blow Pop.  Dang it, Clint!!!

Ah, the perennial game of volleyball ....

Paige & Jessica

That Mitch REALLY loves his volleyball!

Hmm, wonder how it tastes??

Forget the horses.  With Holly around, the department will never
have to worry about rehairing bows for the next four years!

For some strange reason, many folks who chased the
volleyball into the bushes complained of itching the next day??

Whew!  THAT was scary for a minute.
... Turned out not to be the rapture, but a barefooted volleyball player.

Year after year, the ever-shy Igor longs to become a music student. 
"If only I didn't subsist entirely on a diet of refried beans," he thought.

Before everyone had to split, Dr. Campbell called a C-MENC
meeting by the burning bush.  Well ... perhaps it wasn't quite as 
impressive as the original. 

The Fido-Cam strikes again.

* * *

Okay, okay, once again I've seen quite enough. Get me outta here.  
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