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The Fall 1999 Cookout!

(Lottsa shots ... may take a moment to load.)

Each fall the department organizes a cookout on the Nunnelley Hall lawn so music students and faculty may get to know each other better in an informal setting.  Music faculty instantly become gourmet chefs (cough cough), while students engage themselves in a bit of Human Bingo, volleyball, soccer, frisbee throwing or general schmoozing. (Names have been omitted to protect the innocent ...)

"Man down!"  One misguided student snuck a bite of a
faculty-cooked burger on his way through the line.

A music student expresses an opinion
regarding faculty cooking ...

... The rebellious offspring of obviously
carnivorous parents.

The Chemistry Department's new genetic-fertilizer
experiments are an undeniable success, but pose
unforeseen challenges for the Grounds crew.

Two students misunderstand the question
on the Human Bingo card:
"Have you given anyone a rug today?"

Still sporting an "I gave blood today" sticker, this student
unwittingly discovers one of the little-publicized side effects.

Two students obviously quite excited about faculty cooking.

Upperclasspersons posing as sophomores
from another college.

... Fido-cam shot


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