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Department of Music
Fall 2005 Cookout!

Members of the sophomore theory class are so hungry, they can
hardly wait until the 5:00 p.m. cookout!!

Things get so out of control, in fact, that Tom cannot wait! 
He even eats his prize Wisconsin-shaped potato chip!!

The sign pretty much says it all.

As usual, there are a few uninvited guests.

... Not to mention a questionable entree or two.

Dr. Lewis chides Dr. LaRue for overcooking the beef.

Passerby and Business Administration & Economics Chair
Dr. Tom Cooper can spot a business fiasco (or ANY kind of fiasco)
before it ever happens.

Those responsible for what is about to happen agree in
advance to a police lineup in exchange for reduced sentences.
Dr. Tilford, Ms. Miller, Dr. Lewis, Dr. LaRue

Alas ... the first casualty.

It was purported that Dr. Tilford's spring leave of absence was
surgery-related, but, after seeing this spectacle, one has to wonder if
the leave wasn't perhaps ... PSYCHIATRIC in nature??  Duh!

The troops arrive and Human Bingo begins!

Stephanie & Diane scan the crowd and ponder their options.

Having no Human Bingo card in hand, Mary Catherine suddenly experiences
extreme social discomfort  ... not unlike that of a zebra in a cowboy movie.

Mark & Mark--librarian-types who like to sing sing in the choir choir.
(Too bad we caught them on a non-bow tie day.)

Ah, a shot from the Ant-Cam.

Angela blatantly disregards the
"no cell phone calls during the cookout" sign.

Sooo, Paige ... how is student teaching going?

A blushing Dr. Tilford is somewhat taken aback when asked by Tyler to
sign the square that reads, "Have you ever worn island women's clothing?"

Mistaking the completion of the Human Bingo card for a full-ride
scholarship for himself and his descendants through 12 generations,
Tom unwittingly sports the real prize ... a single Blow Pop.

Enough of this Human Bingo stuff!  Seasoned gamblers
Angela & Rachel decide to go for the ponies.

... Uh oh, looks like a few Chicago street toughs have crashed the party.
Wait, wait!  That's Mary Elizabeth, Paige & Natalie!

Mark and Dr. Tilford enjoy a lighter moment while exhilarated by the
intoxicating "smoke high" of scorched, processed meat.

... And volleyball was never quite the same after that.

Mary Elizabeth forever alters the psyche of an innocent toddler
with her frightening War of the Worlds nursery rhyme.

A former Barnum & Bailey trapeze artist, Melanie successfully
back-flips from a third floor practice room, caught by
Elizabeth and Jessica.  ... Phillip is sure mirrors were involved.

Sans hair net and rubber gloves, Ms. Miller breaks at least six
federal laws when she serves chips to Diane.

Sarah Beth & Micah fantasize about where they will actually dine
after pretending to eat the Cookout food.

...Preparing to eat faculty-cooked cuisine, not
unlike lemmings before marching into the sea.

Erinn & Micah are the first to test their fates.

After all these years, introvert music major Igor finally gets up his
nerve to mingle for the first time.  In his haste, however, he gets a taste
of the darker side of mother nature when a tree intersects his path.

Some of the music students decide to dine at East Campus
... Far East Campus, that is.

Sorry, Dr. Campbell.  No one else seems to hear those voices ....

A long-time fan of discount mail-order Polynesian clothing,
Ken makes a "discrete inquiry."

His years in India having developed his "eclectic tastes," suddenly, the
cookout was going to be much better than Chandano had anticipated.

... Nothing like a good game of Cornhole ... on location.

Frightened by condiments as a young child, sadly, Mary Catherine is
psychologically compelled to eat dry dogs for the remainder of her days.

Time travelers Chandano and Ken take a few moments to steal
away from the cookout and visit their buddies on the Gunsmoke set.

Deidre & Brittany plan a music department takeover. 
Mary Catherine chokes on the news.

Unable to withstand the pressure of playing ball with college
student peers, Erinn resorts to luring the nearest tyke
into a game that she can't possibly lose.

Paige, Rachel, Mary Elizabeth & Micah reminisce about the good times
last summer when they worked on a rusty Scandinavian fishing trawler.

Mary Elizabeth and Paige sit on their "invisible chairs."
(Okay, while we "may" buy this one, we're still not
quite sure about your invisible BMWs.)

I've seen quite enough, thank you. Get me outta here.  
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