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Department of Music
Fall 2006 Cookout!

Dr. Winter begins working on her amazing Icebreaker Ball early
during the day.  It takes every bit of doctoral training she can
muster to write on a spherical surface with a flat-tip marker.

A close-up of the now-famous orb.

The Music Department's 2006 Blue Ribbon Award goes to the
contractors who repaired the sidewalk in front of our building.
Yep, we guess that extra three foot o' concrete woulda made
the college go belly up ... or somethin' like that.

Having been exposed to H2O only in its liquid and gaseous states
since their births, Drs. Campbell and Lewis are quite enraptured
by this third, new (and danged cold) H2O state.
"Ooo, John.  ... Looks like diamonds!!"

It was deja vu as both Lewis and Campbell had flashbacks to
their teen years working at Crusty Burger.

Whew, that was close!  Each of these neighborhood dogs had just
lapped up several gallons of rain water and appeared to be eyeing
invisible targets on our recently-dropped-off buffet tables.

Fortunately, the faculty delivered before the hounds did ....

Things were going SO well until Dr. Campbell began cooking.

Warned that they MUST wear hair nets, Miss Betty and
Dr. Campbell scoff in the face of government regulations.

... A pathetic attempt at sushi.

A music theory student makes a statement ....

Students begin to accumulate.
Diane, Mary Catherine, Liz, Colby, Josh, Andrew, Lauri, Gavin

Laura performs her freaky anti-gravity trick.

... Professors Winter and Hayashida only moments before the
ship landed and their lives were forever changed.

Phillip works the crowd, trying to find someone who is
also interested in opening an alpaca farm after graduation.

Pay dirt!  No alpaca lovers, but Elizabeth is an easy mark for
investing in a few head of spitting llamas.

Gavin and Michael

Band lets out, freeing up Dr. LaRue, who--not wanting to cause
widespread panic--calmly suggests that folks not eat too much of
ANYthing cooked by the faculty.

Dr. Winter gathers everyone into a circle as directed by the space aliens.

Now come the instructions for the opening game.  First, dangerous
metal pins must be inserted into everyone's apparel.

Prof. Hayashida is pleased that students are able to withstand the pain.

Participants had to guess what was written on their signs by
asking questions of those who could read.

Jon breaks from the circle and attempts to fly away with his mini-cape.
... This is what the people saw.

... This is what Jon saw.

Cate and Cara ... hmm, looks like trouble brewing.
Even all the squirrels have dashed for cover.

Okay, it's finally time to play Icebreaker Ball.

Ay caramba!  The game is afoot.

A taken-aback Andrew reads the random question:
"Have you ever worn elf ears in public?"

With the game ball now accidentally super-glued to her face, a right-handed
Missy contemplates how she will brush her teeth for the next two weeks.

Time to eat!  Dr. Campbell opens with prayer, remembering our
departed piano professor, colleague and friend, Dr. Stephen Tilford.

In a surprising move, Cate displays bun aggression, almost knocking
Zack to the ground!

Mary Catherine soon experiences an "aha" moment, when she
discovers that buns are sliced and that hotdogs fit neatly into them.

Dr. Campbell, Elizabeth and Mary Catherine blatantly disregard
their chiropractor's instructions regarding spinal cushioning.

Once more ignoring stern parental instructions repeated again
and again since early childhood, Melanie plays with her food.

With the volleyball game getting out of hand, and rumors of
E-Coli-riddled spinach being served at the cookout,
Campus Safety is summoned.

"Hey, this green spinach stuff ain't half bad," chokes the officer, as
the 2006 cookout screeches to a rather dramatic conclusion ....


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