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Georgetown College
Department of Music

Fall 2003 "Picnic"

For many years the department has held its traditional fall cookout on the Nunnelley Music Hall lawn.  ... And for many years faculty cooking has threatened the very existence of student life on campus as we know it.  This year we decided to try something a little different ... a picnic!  We're talkin' PIZZA, baby, and LOTS of it!  Who knows what we'll do next year?  This year it was something that came in boxes; next year we may try cans??

The eerie Shadow People prepare to pick up the pies.

"What pizza???"  Bob, that's NOT funny!
(... A curse on your cappuccino machine; and may Pepsi
products flow from your Coca-Cola soft drink dispenser.)

What the ...??  A side trip to the morgue? 
Wait, those are our pies!!

Based on past cookout experiences, the department prepares
for certain ... "eventualities."

A former sideshow "associate," Andrew performs his
freaky inflatable-sports-ball-head trick.

Amanda and Missy, non-English-speaking choral students from 
Upper Mongolia, unwittingly sign papers to donate a kidney to the 
Biology Department at the conclusion of the picnic.

Josh, Darron & Ken accidentally thrust themselves into a 
different dimension when they happen to say 
"secondary leading-tone chord" at the same instant.

Tiffany, Melissa & Katie
(as life could have been had they decided to work on a rusty
fishing trawler instead of study music at Georgetown College)

Matt, Tyler & Betsy wander off from the picnic and get REALLY lost.

A former NFL referee, Dr. Lewis subconsciously resorts to the 
OFF SIDES hand signal whenever someone 
cuts in front of him in a food line.

Dr. Tilford
(only seconds after perpetrating some type of prank, by the look on his face)

... A shameless Dr. LaRue, only moments before he dropped 
the walkie-talkie, which broke and was revealed to be a fake.

Brian, Mary Catherine, and Brian's other brother, Brian

Yes, GC music folks do seem to be into tattoos, piercings, and other 
bodily mutilations, but, strangely enough, it appears to be only the girls?!  
(Man, it looks like Zorro is back at it with the foot thing.)

Mary, Allison & Michelle
(When they realized that their photo was going to be taken, each
quickly removed the additional four or five slices of pizza from their plates.)

Upperclasspersons Adam and Brian seem to finally have a handle
on finger foods.  Congratulations, gentlemen.

First-time picnicker Joanna falls for the "invisible pizza" gag.

Musicians and pizza ... ahhhhh, nirvana.

For some unknown reason, the ham pizza wasn't moving 
quite as well as we had hoped.

Tiffany correctly suspects that the innocent-looking Melissa has just 
laced her slice of pizza with cycloprenzabassovox--a fast-acting muscle 
relaxant that lowers the vocal chords of sopranos by at least 
two octaves for as many weeks.

Hmm ... the ol' shrunken head in the ice chest gag--always good
for a few screams.

Dr. Lewis and Old Testament Scholar Dr. Redditt 
chuckle over Brian's grades in Religion.

Glenna & offspring
(the younger perfectly attired for eating pizza with musicians ....)

Man, does Tyler love pizza!

Tibetan Hat Contest winner, Chandano

Dr. Campbell ... only seconds before the hawk 
swooped down and flew off with his pie.

Michael and Dr. Pete shoot the bull about Tiger Band Tog 
sales possibilities on the Russian black market.
(Hey, those lawn chairs sure were a big hit, huh?!)

Josh, assuming the supine position

Ms. Lewis, Dr. Lewis (wishing he had worn stripes after all)
& Dr. Tilford

Olga and Algae, the department's sopralto twins 
go "Mary Kay" on us.

Paige, Ken & Tyler
(In 2007, Paige will invent brownie-flavored dental floss
and become independently wealthy.)
(In 2012, Ken will invent cavity-resistant, brownie-flavored toothpaste
--his name becoming a veritable household word in A.D.A. circles.)
(Quite fond of brownies, himself, Tyler never brushes his teeth again and in 
2016 gets listed in Ripley's has having the world's worst case of gingivitis.)

Those who participated in the pizza fight were immediately incarcerated 
in the Band Van (which, unsurprisingly, smells like sweaty cows
on a Texas cattle drive).

Victoria finally arrives.  Katie and Melissa join her,
only for all three souls to be inadvertently stolen by the camera.

A little hard of hearing after singing with a rock band, Jessica 
misunderstood when it was announced that the theme 
of this year's picnic would be "Show Us Your Scar."

Adam demonstrates how mid-Atlantic migratory water fowl 
can become entangled in the refuse of thoughtless duck hunters.

Faux volley ball
(We couldn't find the steenking net!)

Igor, the ever-shy, outcast music student who shows up every year 
at this time--and who does not know his key signatures, by the way-- 
momentarily envies the protein intake enjoyed by the pizza-eaters until
 deciding it more nutritious to simply resume snacking on the bugs 
that ate the leaves.

Annual mystery of the vanishing volley balls solved ....

In high school, Victoria and Katie were voted as the persons 
most likely to fulfill their thrill-seeking fantasies 
via portable industrial food carts.

One should never leave shoes unattended at a music picnic.
... A close-up of this pair just before paper napkins were
firmly crammed into the toes.  ... Was gonna do pizza or brownies, 
but remembered the danged Golden Rule at the last minute.

Collin & Missy ... only moments before the runaway lawn
tractor put a "damper" on the picnic.

"Doctor, is it Blow Pop Tongue?"
"Egad, miss, it's not as you suppose. You have the most pronounced
case of Geographic Tongue that I've ever seen!"

Dr. Campbell eventually decides to give up choral conducting
for an embarrassing, though lucrative, career with the Bolshoi Frisbee Ballet.

Doh!  Hard times seem to have fallen on certain cast members of
The Simpsons
ever since the program went out of syndication last season.

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