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Georgetown College
Department of Music

Fall 2004 Cookout

Well, for a change we tried a pizza picnic last year, but we simply missed the greasy-grill aroma in our clothes when we got home ... not to mention missing the tingle of lighter fluid on our hands, and the cleansing sensation of burning, watering eyes from an out-of-control grill.  Sooo, it was back to a cookout once again!  Man, is it FUN living on the edge.

A former carnival fire-eater, Dr. Tilford simply cannot WAIT
to impress the new voice teacher with a few sideshow illusions!

Tilford begins with a segment from his "Franz Liszt in Hell" routine.
Prof. Venhuizen is quite amused.  
Dr. Lewis has seen the bit a dozen times before ....

Little do the new students know that only a few feet from the music
 building the lawn is dotted with grim reminders of past cookout mishaps.

Oh, how conveeeeenient ....  Tilford has to stop and chitchat with the 
Provost while everyone else does all the work.

In a crazed polar frenzy, Venhuizen continues to shovel ice, 
blatantly disregarding the "Close Door" directive on the machine.

Former rabid Sierra Club members Tom and Dr. Campbell 
fell a few trees on campus at their leisure to make room for volleyball.

The Fighting Tiger Grrr ... Pep Band provides a little rock 'n' roll as
the burgers turn into rocks, themselves, on the other side of the building.

Let the burger mutilations begin!  Miss Betty joins the carnage.

Some professors wouldn't let their poor students come to the
cookout until they had practiced the complete piano repertoire.

The wimpy chefs cry over a few measly third-degree grease splatters.

So, you thought we were kidding about the burger mutilations??!!

Human Bingo strikes again!

A few of the bravest finally break down and go through the food line,
though with extreme caution.

A music-chemistry double major who had recently reported
in class on the deadly effects of botulism, Darron was the first to 
detect the "somewhat unpleasant" taste.  Soon everyone 
was dropping like flies.

LEFT:  a young Alexander Graham Bell models an early telephone prototype.
RIGHT:  a young Louis Perrier is inspired to add bubbles to plain tap
water and make millions from a gullible, but extremely thirsty, public.

Chandano is tagged and the food fight is afoot!!

The innocent-looking Nora fools no one.

Which of these five college students is most likely to be seen 
at a WWF wrestling match on Saturday night?


Dr. Tilford does not do well on logic tests of any kind.

Nora, Phillip, Lauren, Tom

Brittany discovers actual meat in her burger.  What the ...??!!

Nora does her freaky double-jointed elbow thing.

Not to be outdone, Mary Catherine does her freaky
arms-behind-the-back thing.

Worse yet, pianist Stephanie does her absolutely freak-city finger thing!

Guess who is sleeping on the couch tonight??

Ah, nothing like a friendly game of college volleyball ... 
especially with a flippin' telephone pole in the middle of the court!!

Not exactly Olympic Frisbee Team material, Phillip and Darron 
lose the beloved departmental Frisbee in the bushes.

Chandano dives in after it ... never to be seen again.

Annie and Cary express their chagrin upon learning that Jimmy Carter 
is not in fact a candidate in the 2004 presidential election.

Still out of breath, Lauren, Stephanie, Missy, Joanna and Melissa 
scramble to look poised after just having returned from 
egging all the music faculty homes.

The game was going quite well until the biology department's 
escaped mascot, Glenda, decided to put in an appearance.

Then, later, there was that, that meteorite incident.  
... Just not a good day for volleyball.

... But a few of our music professors:
Far left--Dr. Tilford's replacement.  Prof. Venhuizen, Dr. LaRue,
Dr. Lewis, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Tilford, Prof. Miller.

Ken and Matt bravely tempt fate with their unsubstantiated theory 
that, when given a choice, sharks will always eat vegetables before
meat, thereby giving swimmers a moment to escape.

Drat!  We naively thought spraying all the food with Raid 
Insect Killer would keep the flies away this year.

Yep, yep, that Nerf Softball sure was a big hit ....

Igor, the department's extremely shy, maladjusted music major, 
contemplates crashing the cookout with a fortissimo accordion 
rendition of Kenny G's greatest hits.

A shot of Paige from the Volleyball Cam just before being
rendered unconscious.

A tender moment .... Paige strikes out at T-Ball.

Melanie, the new spokesperson for Sunny Buns.  
(P.S.  ... Don't hurt us.)

Yet another perfectly good meal ruined by the Fright Cam.
Sorry, Mo.

The Glad Bag man puts in a surprise appearance this year.
(Okay, who's the wise guy who taped up his air holes??)

On a dare, Lauren tries out the make-up kit she just found on the ground.

Whoopee!  Banister Cam ... look out!  Doh!!

The food fight begins to heat up when leftover buns take to the air.

Dr. Campbell attempts to break it up, but gets pelted worse than anyone.

Nothing quite like the sting of a hamburger bun hitting you at
80 m.p.h., eh, Phillip?

Hopefully, all made it home in time to get to their fix of Pepto-Bismol.  
Until next year ... sigh.

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