Department of Music Handbook


All keyboard students on scholarship who have elected to receive funds for accompanying are assigned accompanying duties by the piano professor.  Accompanying duties include:  vocal or instrumental students, or ensembles. 

Accompanists must attend applied lessons with vocalists/instrumentalists, and accompany these students on Student Recital Hours and for Jury exams.  If assigned an ensemble, the accompanist must attend all ensemble rehearsals.

It is the responsibility of the vocalist/instrumentalist to pay an accompanist for junior/senior recitals, off-campus performances and competitions.  The soloist and accompanist should learn the music independently.  Joint rehearsal is strictly for ensemble.  Accompanists should be provided with the music at least three weeks prior to a recital performance.

Joint rehearsal times are as follows:

  • 2 Hours Credit:  30 minutes of outside rehearsal and 30-minute lesson.

  • 1 Hour Credit:  15 minutes of outside rehearsal and 15-minute lesson.

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