Department of Music Handbook


Michael Fogler.  B.M. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.M., Florida State University.  (Applied Guitar, Class Guitar)  Office:  NMB 3.

Eloise Lewis.  B.M., Louisiana State University; M.M., Northwestern University; doctoral work, Louisiana State University.  (Applied Strings) Office:  NMB 3.

Glenna Metcalfe.  B.A., Georgetown College; M.M., University of Louisville.  (Staff Accompanist, Music Appreciation)  Office:  NMB 3, (502) 868-9511.

Rebecca C. Miller.  B.M., University of Evansville; M.M. University of Kentucky; D.M.A., University of Kentucky.  (Applied Voice)  Office:  NMB 23.  Voice-mail: 8338.

Mark Tate.  B.A., University of Kentucky; M.M., Washington University.  (Percussion, Jazz Ensemble)  Office:  NMB 3, (502) 244-9934.

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