This form is to be submitted to the Academic Deanís Office.  Results will be tabulated anonymously and forwarded to the applied professor and department chair.  Comments will be typed to maintain anonymity.  Please do not provide the course number or section for which you are registered.

Professor's name (circle):

Burnette Campbell Hayashida
Hunnicutt LaRue H.M. Lewis
Alberts Binford Fogler
Flygstad Harris E. Lewis
Miller Tate  

Scale:     5 Strongly Agree     4 Agree     3 Neutral     2 Disagree     1 Strongly Disagree

____ Course expectations and grading system are clearly outlined in the syllabus.

____ Applied lesson time is well structured.

____ Repertoire is of appropriate level of difficulty.

____ The technical skills I need to improve as a performer are adequately conveyed.

____ My abilities as a performer have duly improved as a result of taking this course.

____ The professor maintains an atmosphere that actively encourages learning.

____ The professor gives positive feedback in addition to constructive criticism.

____ Overall, I would rate this course as excellent.


Briefly, describe what you liked least about the course, if anything.



Briefly, describe what you liked best about the course, if anything.



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