Department of Music Handbook


Wind Instrumentalists should perform:

  • A prepared solo,

  • A chromatic scale covering the entire range of the instrument,

  • Selected major scales/arpeggios,

  • Sight reading material.

Vocalists should:

  • Perform a prepared piece from memory from the classical vocal repertoire,

  • Vocalize for the music faculty.

Pianists/Organists should perform:

  • A prepared solo (from memory for pianists),

  • Selected major scales/arpeggios,

  • Sight reading material.

Please notify the Music Office in advance of your audition if you wish to have a piano accompanist provided.

Audition by audio cassette/video tape is possible for students who reside a significant distance from campus; however, a live audition must be completed at Georgetown College during the registration period prior to the start of classes in the fall.

All students who audition should provide:

  • High School Grade Point Average (GPA),

  • ACT score,

  • Information regarding previous musical training,

  • A completed music audition application form (see Appendix).

Music Theory Assessment

Incoming students choosing to major or minor in music will be asked to complete a written Music Theory Assessment on their scheduled audition date.  

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