Department of Music Handbook


At the conclusion of the fourth semester of the same section of applied study, all music majors* will be evaluated in the jury examination with regard to their continuation in the applied major.  Should the faculty feel a student is not prepared to advance to upper division applied study, the student will be notified by the applied professor that further lower division applied study will be required during the fifth semester.  (If the student studies with an adjunct faculty member, the student will notified by the department chair.)  Results of the continuation exam will be sent via letter to each student by the applied professor/department chair.  One copy of the letter will remain in the student's file.  In cases where provisional continuance is granted, the student must perform for the jury panel again within the first four weeks of the fall semester, allowing additional preparation time during the summer months.

The student may attempt to enter upper division study during the next jury examination period.  If, at the fifth semester jury examination, the faculty does not approve the student for upper division study, the student will not be allowed to continue as a music major.

When signing up for a Continuation Jury, one should schedule four consecutive five-minute time slots--20 minutes total.  The longer time period is to allow for a longer, more representative performance, and also to allow time for an oral interview with the entire music faculty.  Discussions will focus on overall performance in music courses, including academic performance, attitude, attendance, and other areas which may need to be addressed in order to prepare the student to be a success in the music profession. 

At the Continuation Jury exam, the student should bring a list of all literature studied during each of the four semesters.


*Music minors who have successfully completed four semesters of lower-level applied study (MUS 161) may register for upper level study (MUS 361) beginning with the fifth semester without taking a Continuation Jury Examination.

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