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Be able to play all major scales and three forms of minor scales two octaves (ascending and descending with correct fingerings, hands together).


Harmonize the following hymns in F, C, G, D & Bb:

  • Hamburg

  • Amazing Grace

  • Italian Hymn

  • Mueller

  • Dennis

  • Lobe den Herren

  • St. Thomas

  • Bread of Life

  • Need

  • Olivet

  • St. Anne

  • Duke Street


Play the following hymns as written:

  • Stille Nacht

  • Gordon

  • More Love to Thee

  • Iverson

  • Maryton

  • St. Catherine

  • Dix

  • Something for Jesus

Score Reading

Read two parts (S & T, A & B) of a vocal score from a selected list.'


Play two prepared pieces from standard piano literature.

Patriotic Song

Play the following:

  • America (in G & F)

  • America the Beautiful (in C & Bb)

  • Star Spangled Banner (in A, Ab & Bb)

The preceding is covered in MUS 155-158, Class piano.

Students will automatically pass the piano proficiency requirement by earning a grade of C or better in the four-semester class piano sequence, MUS 155, 156, 157, 158.  Students who opt to pass the proficiency exam by private testing may do so in two parts providing they pass at least half of the requirements in the first exam.

No student will be permitted to register for student teaching, or request a Senior Recital hearing, until all requirements for proficiency have been met and approved by the music faculty.  Students who receive less than a 2.0 (C) must repeat MUS 158 before taking their proficiency exam.

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