Department of Music Handbook


Junior Recital

Though a junior recital is not required for music majors, many students and professors recognize the importance of gaining experience prior to the required senior recital.  A junior recital, consisting of 15-25 minutes of music, may be presented following the passing of the Continuation Jury Exam.  Normally, junior recitals are paired (two soloists) to create a full-length program.  An exceptional student may, in the view of the applied professor, merit a full-length program (40-50 minutes of music).  In this event, the student and professor will present a copy of the proposed program and its justification to the area faculty for final approval.  This proposal should be submitted at the jury in the semester preceding the proposed recital.  Junior/senior recitals should be scheduled at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or 3:00 p.m. Sunday.

Senior Recital

All degree tracks require that a music major present a senior recital.  Normally, this recital is presented during the final semester of applied study.  Recital length requirements are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Music Education 25-30 minutes of music,

  • Bachelor of Music (Church Music) 25-30 minutes of music,

  • Bachelor of Arts 45-50 minutes of music.

Also, see Senior Comprehensive Field Test.

Elective Recital

Should a student desire to present a recital prior to the Junior or Senior Recital, this is permitted only if approved by the applied professor.  A panel hearing is not required; however, in that this would be an elective recital, all other handbook requirements do apply.

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