Department of Music Handbook


The Music Department has a uniform program format: half-sheet (5.5 x 8.5 inches); front--title page; back--program.  Applied professors must approve the format and sequence of the program before it is submitted for duplication.  Programs may be typeset by Publishing/Duplicating Services in the Student Center.  Students are responsible for typesetting and duplicating costs.  Approximately 150 programs should be printed; 15 copies should be submitted to the Music Office as file copies.  Recitalists may select persons of their choice as ushers.

At the discretion of the studio professor, students may be required to prepare program notes in addition to foreign text translations.  Translations and program notes should be printed separately from the recital program.  This information should be presented at the time of the recital hearing.

**Click here for recital program template.  Simply save this file and update with your information.

**Click here for voice program notes template.

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