Junior and senior recitals may be recorded (either audio OR video), depending upon the availability of personnel and equipment.  A photocopy of this request form must be submitted to the Music Office at least two weeks prior to the recital date to initiate processing.

Students requesting a recital video recording must supply a standard VHS video tape.  There is no charge for this recording service.

Students requesting an audio recording must reimburse the department for the cost of a DAT tape, $10.  If you desire to have a CD made from the DAT recording, you must reimburse the department for the additional cost of the special recordable CD, $20.  Total cost for a recital CD is $30.  Payment is due at the time the recording is received.

If you would like to have a quality CD cover made, containing your recital program description, this will be done at no charge.  A photo scan from your recital may also be included on the CD cover, if you provide a photograph taken at the recital.  (The photo will be returned to you.)

Complete this form, print a copy, and submit to the department chair.

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