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On behalf of Georgetown College, the Department of Music is pleased to award this music scholarship beginning with the 20XX-XX academic year.  The award will be renewed each year, through the 20XX-XX academic year, provided that scholarship criteria continue to be met.  The annual scholarship disbursement rate is 50% per semester--two semesters per academic year.


(Note:  Regarding funding sources, eligibility for any financial award is determined by the Office of Student Financial Planning, based on:  Music Department recommendation, FAFSA data provided, and availability of source funding.)

[   ]  Music Major:  + up to $1,000 (Music Department funds)
[   ]  Music Minor:  + up to $500 (Music Department funds)
[   ]  Music Elective

Music Department funds:  $(TBA)
College Grant funds:  $(TBA) (band)

Music Department funds:  $(TBA)
College Grant funds:  $(TBA) (choir)

Music Department funds:  $(TBA)
College Grant funds:  $(TBA)

[   ]  I wish to accept an additional $500 per year for accompanying (College Grant funds). Please initial: _____
[   ]  I do not wish to accompany. I decline the additional $500 per year for accompanying. Please initial: _____

                                 (if accompanying award is declined):  $

This scholarship offer is contingent upon your application, acceptance, and subsequent enrollment at Georgetown College.

The music scholarship is based on the following criteria:

  • All students who receive music scholarships are expected to participate in a primary ensemble each semester of residence.

  • Acceptable academic progress in music courses, including satisfactory ensemble participation, must be maintained each semester--reviewed by the music faculty.

  • Students must maintain overall G.P.A. requirements as outlined in the college catalog.

  • Students receiving keyboard scholarships will be expected to perform a reasonable amount of accompanying.  (Keyboard students may decline to accept the stipend for accompanying.)

  • If you are a music major/minor, you should refer to the departmental handbook on the web for further information.  Web address:  Select "Handbook" from the menu.

If your status relative to any of the criteria should change, your scholarship may be adjusted.

In accepting this scholarship, I recognize that I may not consider any other offer from an institutional member of the Kentucky Association of College Music Departments (KACMD) for the academic year 20XX-XX except with the express consent of the music executive of the above named institution.  Further, I understand that according to KACMD guidelines, information regarding my acceptance of this scholarship will be distributed to other member institutions, and that accepting a scholarship from more than one institution after May 1 will result in both scholarship offers being withdrawn.  My signature is evidence that I have not accepted music scholarship aid from another KACMD college or university.

I understand the criteria of this Music Scholarship and accept it under these conditions.

Signature:  __________________________________    Date:  _______________

Chair:  _____________________________________    Date:  _______________

Area Representative(s):  ________________________    Date:  _______________

If you choose to accept this scholarship, please return one signed copy within 30 days to:

Music Department Chair
Georgetown College
400 East College Street
Georgetown, KY 40324-1696

Also, if you are a music major or music minor, please return one signed copy of the major/minor declaration form.