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CSC 516
Digital Video Techniques


Personal note to folks who are thinking about registering:  Owning a camcorder is not a requirement, but we will be doing three or four video projects that will require that you have access to one.  Perhaps you can borrow one from a friend or from your school, if necessary.  Or, low-end cameras may be purchased from various "X-Mart" stores for around $300-ish.

Please e-mail me with any questions:


Syllabus Spring 2008 (Word file)

Syllabus Spring 2008 (.pdf file)


Video Project Rubric for Evaluation (.pub)
Video Project Rubric for Evaluation (.pdf)

Movie Maker Tutorial Exercises

Storyboard Pro Tutorial Exercises

Video Project Descriptions

Capturing/Converting Analog Video to Digital

Shooting Tips


Exam Study Guide

Guidelines for Research Paper



Audacity (free audio software)

Audacity Tutorials

Audition (Adobe audio software)

Adobe Education Pricing!

Incompetech (royalty-free music)

Make your own steadicam for $14!

Movie Maker 2.1 Download

Movie Maker 2 Tutorials

Need to buy an external hard drive?

Pinnacle Systems (re Dazzle)


Storyboard Pro

ZD Soft Screen Recorder



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