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Storyboard Pro Tutorial Exercises

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These exercises will parallel the tutorials at Atomic Learning ....

1. Opening a new storyboard

Note on the left side of the screen there are five options:  List View, Print View, Worksheet, Options, Quit. 

In the Movie Name field type a name.  In the Produced by fields, type producers' names.

To get started, click on List View.

2. List view options

Notice that at the bottom of the screen is a navigation bar.

At the top of the screen, select the type of media this shot will be.

Click in the Clip Title field and add a name for your clip.

Next, click in the Description field to add a description of the clip.

To the right are Film Tip and Edit Tip fields to which you can write notes regarding shot specifics.

There is also a Clip Length field.  Here you should add the approximate length of each clip.

The upper field will give a running total of all your clips so you will know how long your video will be, roughly.

3. Adding a new shot to a storyboard

When you are ready to add another shot, simply click on the New Shot button.

To Spell Check your entire storyboard, click on the Spell Check icon at the top.

To Spell Check only an individual shot, click on the Spell Check icon for that shot.

4. Inserting a new shot

To insert a new shot between existing shots, click on the Insert Shot icon.

You will be prompted whether to insert the new shot above or below the current shot.  Give it a whirl.

Note that the shot Order Number boxes are automatically renumbered.

5. Reordering shots in a storyboard

To reorder shots, click in the Order Number fields and type in the desired new numbers.

Then, click the Sort icon.  Voila!

6. Deleting a shot in a storyboard

Simply click on the Delete icon for a particular clip.

After deleting a clip, you can click on the Renumber button at any time to renumber the clips.

7. Viewing video tips within Storyboard Pro

To view tips at various levels (basic, advanced, custom), simply click on the Tips icon.

You can make your choices by clicking on Choose (see icon below).  The descriptions will appear in the List View clips description areas--very handy!

8. Clearing and changing links in Storyboard Pro

Select another choice to replace the original.  Select Clear Choice to clear the description field.

9. Printing a storyboard

Choose Print View from the bottom menu to see options.  You may print storyboards with our without tips.  Click Preview beneath each option to make your decision.  Click on List View at the bottom of the page to go back to the List View screen.

10. Printing storyboard worksheets

To print a blank storyboard worksheet, you can click on "3 Worksheet" on the Main Menu, or, click on Worksheet at the bottom of the page in List View.

There are two options:  4 shots per page, or 6 shots per page.  You can preview both.

11. Selecting video tip level settings

To change Tip levels, go to the Main Menu and click "4 Options."  

Select Change Topic Level.

Click on the lock icon to unlock the settings.  Toggle to lock/unlock.

Make any changes and click on the lock again.

12. Customizing video tip settings

You can customize the Tip settings by going through the above process and clicking on Edit Custom.  

Click on a Main topic to see Subtopics.  Put an X in any box you choose.

Click Done when you are finished.

Again, click on the Lock icon to hold your settings.

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