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Converting Analog to Digital / Capturing Digital Video

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DAZZLE Digital Video Creator 80 from Pinnacle Systems

As you can see above, at one end of the cable is a USB plug which is connected to one of the computer's USB ports.  The other end offers four connection possibilities:  Left Audio In (white), Right Audio In (red), S-Video In, Video In (yellow).  Dazzle will accept video from other hardware devices sporting these jacks, including:  a television, a video camera, a VCR or DVD player.

You will need to supply your own connecting cables.  Needed will be:

  • the combined red & white RCA cables to capture stereo audio.

  • either a (yellow) RCA Video Cable OR an S-Video cable to capture video.  (S-Video offers higher quality.)

The Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80 comes with its own software.  Or, you may capture video using another program, such as Movie Maker.

In Movie Maker, click on the Tasks icon.  The first option is Capture from Video Device.  Select, and follow the simple instructions.  (The default setting uses 3MB of memory per minute.)

If you are experiencing audio difficulties, be sure that Line In has not been muted in the Volume Control window, and that it has been selected in the Recording Control window.  For further information, see this page:


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