Digital Video Techniques

Movie Maker Tutorial Exercises

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1.  Introducing Movie Maker collections

Click on the Collections icon.  You will see the content of the Collections pane:  video effects, video transitions, collections.  You cannot delete any of the three, but you can add to the Collections folder.  Clicking on the + beside any file name reveals any sub-collections.

2.  Creating, naming and organizing collections

Again, click the Collections icon.  To add additional Collections, click to highlight the Collection to which you wish to add a new category.  Next, right-click your mouse and select New Collection.  Name the Collection.  Click outside the highlighted rectangle, or press Enter, to lock in the name.  To rename, right-click and select Rename.  You can also move a subCollection to another Collections folder by click-dragging the Collection to another Collection and then releasing the mouse button.  Give it all a shot!

3.  Using the collection tools window

The Collections Tools Window in the middle of the toolbar offers shortcuts to your collections.  Whatever is selected in the window will be displayed.  (You will need to click on the Collections icon a second time to have your collections fill that pane, hiding the tasks pane.)  By clicking on the green up-arrow to the right of the Collections Tools Window you will be taken up one level in your Collections tree.  Experiment.

4.  Copying collections

Copying & pasting clips or collections:  Select a still picture in a Collection.  Right-click and select Copy.  Next, in the Collections content pane, click on the Collection to which you wish to copy the photo.  Right-click in the Collections content pane and choose Paste.  The photo will then be copied into that Collection.  Shortcuts are, as usual:  Control+C for copy and Control+V for paste.  One can also find these same functions under the Edit menu.

 Similarly, one can copy an entire Collection.  In the Collections pane, right-click the Collection you wish to copy.  Then, right-click the Collection where it is to go and select Paste.  Everything in that collection will be copied.  Edits can be made in the copied files without affecting the originals (woo-hoo!).

5.  Deleting collections

Deleting Collections:  This is as simple as clicking on the Collection and hitting the Delete key on your computer keypad.  Or, you can right-click and select Delete.  If you deleted by mistake, click the Undo icon. 

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