Digital Video Techniques

Movie Maker Tutorial Exercises

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1.  Previewing video effects

Movie Maker currently offers 28 video effects.  Do periodically check the Movie Maker web, however, as new effects are sometimes made available for download.

Video effects can be applied to clips, portions of clips, or multiple clips.  Use the Preview Monitor to view effects.  Go to Collections.  Click Video Effects to see effects thumbnails.  Click the Collections icon a second time to expand the pane.  Click on each thumbnail to see the effect in the Preview Monitor.  Moving effects, such as Fade In From Black, will be easy to see.  Others, such as Blur, that do not involve motion may be more difficult to preview.  Click Play to view the selected effect.

To see effects details, click on the Views icon and click Details.  In this view, you can see more effects at once, clicking on each to preview.

2.  Adding video effects

Video effects can be applied in either Storyboard View or Timeline View. 

In Timeline View, drag the effect on top of the clip and release the mouse.  You can apply up to SIX effects to one clip.  The effect is not visible in the Timeline thumbnail, but a star is placed on the clip for each added effect as an indicator.

In Storyboard View, the effect stars appear in box in the lower left corner of the clip.  One star = one effect.  Two stars = two effects, etc.  The advantage of adding effects in Storyboard View is that you can pass the mouse over the effect box to see what effect(s) has/have been applied.  So, applying effects in Storyboard View may be preferable, although Timeline View also works.

3. Using the video effects box

To access the video effects box, drag an effect onto a clip in Storyboard View.  Next, right-click the effect in the small square in the bottom left corner of the clip.  The Video Effects Box will open.

Using this box, you can quickly add or delete effects.  The left window lists available effects.  The right window list displayed effects.  By using the add/remove buttons, you can make changes quickly, particularly if a number of effects have been added.

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