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Movie Maker Tutorial Exercises

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1.  Previewing transitions

Transitions occur between clips.  If there is no transition, you get a "cut"--instantaneous appearance of next clip.  This is common, of course.  Transitions must be used thoughtfully.

Movie Maker offers 60 transitions.  To view them, click on Collections and select Video Transitions.  In the center pane will appear icons representing the various transitions.  

Click on each transition icon, then click Play, to view each one.

2.  Applying transitions in storyboard view

Transitions may be applied in either Storyboard View or Timeline View.

In Storyboard, go to Video Transitions and drag one to the transition box between clips.  The icon in that box will become the same as the transition icon.  Click Play to see the transition at work.

To change to a different transition, simply drag a new one on top of the existing transition.  You can only have one transition between clips.

To remove the transition, click on it and hit Delete.

3.  Applying transitions in timeline view

Have at least two clips in the Timeline View.  Select a transition and drag it between two clips.  You will see the vertical blue I-beam to indicate where the transition will appear.  Release the mouse when it is between the correct clips.

The first part of the clip will become transparent, indicating the overlap area of the clips.  In the transition track (in the expanded video track) will appear the name of the transition.  To delete it, select it on the transition track and hit Delete.

4.  Manipulating transitions

All transitions have a default duration of 1.25 seconds.  To change the default setting go to Tools and select Options.  Select the Advanced tab.

Simply change the setting in the Transition Duration box.  Changing this setting will affect the timing of any new transitions by default.  Previously-used transitions will not be affected.

In Timeline View you can also change the duration of a transition that has already been applied.  Click on the bottom of a clip and drag it to the left, thereby lengthening the duration of the transition.  You will see the blue wedge get longer.  Likewise, drag the clip to the right to shorten the transition.

You can also directly adjust transitions on the transition track.  Put the cursor on the left side of the clip until you see the red arrows.  Click and drag left.  You can only shorten transitions in the transition track.  You can lengthen them by manipulating the video on the video track (in terms of clip overlap).

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