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Guidelines for Concert Reports (3)

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The three concert reports may be submitted at any time during the semester.  No course work will be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on the last day of classes, however. 


  • Reports must be typed with one-inch margins on all sides using a standard 12-point font.  Length must be at least two full pages.  A copy of the concert program, or your ticket stub, must be stapled to the report.

  • The three concerts on which you choose to report may be performances either on or off campus.  You are encouraged to attend at least one off-campus performance. 

  • The three concerts must of the "art music" variety, such as solo vocal or instrumental performances, chamber ensemble performances, band or symphony concerts, opera performances, ethnic music performances, etc.  Unacceptable performances for concert reports would include most church or secondary school performances, popular music concerts, rock concerts, etc.  Push yourself to go to something that perhaps you would normally not attend. 

  • The programs must feature college-level or professional performers.  Amateur performances are unacceptable.  If you are unsure, ask the professor before you spend time writing a report that will not be accepted.

  • In terms of report content, you are not specifically reviewing the performers themselves, although you may.  You should broadly comment on things such as the programming, musical elements, musicality of the performance, and anything else that you see or hear.  Perhaps read a newspaper concert review or two to get some ideas.

Links to area performance calendars:

Georgetown College:

UK Singletary Center for the Arts:

Lexington Philharmonic: 



Centre College:

Louisville Orchestra:

Cincinnati Symphony:



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