MUS 107

World Music Presentation

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In lieu of the non-traditional music composition presentation, you may instead make a class presentation relating to World Music.  This is a new option since the course is now flagged as CULTURAL AWARENESS ABROAD.

The length of the presentation will depend upon the total number of class presentations.  Most likely, we're talkin' in the neighborhood of 15 minutes.  Up to three people may combine efforts on one presentation.  One-person and two-person presentations are also fine.

You may choose to discuss in greater detail the music of a country that we have already briefly discussed.  Or, you may choose to discuss the music of one particular artist, or one particular genre of World Music. 

Format presentation will be to present some general information, then play music examples, either via sound recordings or via 

You do not need to prepare a handout for the class, but you may if you choose. 


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