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Test One Study Guide
Sound Recorder, Windows Media Player, 
Roxio Easy CD Creator, Terms

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Sound Recorder  (See Sound Recorder)

Be able to recognize from a list of several options the cotton pickin' irritatin' way to navigate to Sound Recorder, beginning with the Start button.

Be familiar with the various settings that should be examined before attempting to use Sound Recorder.  Spend some time with Volume Control, Sounds and Audio Devices Properties, etc.  

Be able to identify the file format that Sound Recorder uses when files are saved.

Our friend Sound Recorder does have its limitations.  Know the maximum length of an audio file that may be recorded using Sound Recorder.

Be familiar with the basic process for deleting sound (audio cropping).

Be familiar with the various Effects offered by Sound Recorder (increase/decrease speed or volume, echo, reverse) and what they do.  Ditto re editing options (Paste Insert, Paste Mix; Insert File, Mix with File).

Windows Media Player  (See Windows Media Player)

... Nothing too tough here.  Simply be able to describe the basic process for copying music using this program.

Roxio Easy CD Creator  (See Roxio Easy CD Creator)

Be able to identify the three file formats used by Roxio.

Be able to explain why you would choose a particular file format over another when saving to your hard drive.

Be able to provide the advantage/disadvantage of saving music on a CD in one of the compressed file formats.

Be able to explain what Equalizer controls do (SoundStream).

Know what SoundStreams three effects (Sound Cleaning Level, Pop Removal Level, Normalizer) do.

Be generally familiar with the features of SoundStream's Sound Editor.  I'll try to trick you with some options that are not available, but in the end you will win.

Your grandmother is totally freaked that you are taking a course that involves BURNING CDs, but you should be able to explain to her in non-violent language just what's involved in "burning" a CD.

 Be able to indicate the settings for CD-quality recording.  Know the Sample Rate, Channel Settings, and the Resolution.


Lastly, you should be familiar with common terms that may be encountered in the world of digital audio.  Be able to provide short definitions/explanations/descriptions, whichever is most appropriate, for the following terms:

  • CD-R

  • CD-RW

  • Decibel (dB)

  • Effects

  • Equalization

  • Frequency

  • Hertz (Hz)

  • Miniplug

  • .mp3

  • .wav

  • .wma

  • .cda (or cd-da)

  • Sample Rate

There, that should be enough to hold you for the first test, eh?


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