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Guidelines for Research Paper

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This course will uphold the Academic Honesty Policy stated in the Georgetown College Catalog.


8.5 x 11 inches, white bond paper (not onionskin or erasable paper).


1.5 inches on all sides.  Line length is 5.5 inches.  Type no more than 25 lines of text per page.


Double-space between all lines of the manuscript.


Do not justify.  Leave the right margin uneven.  


Do not divide words at the end of a line.  Let a line run short or long rather than break a word at the end of a line.

Order of manuscript pages

  • Title page with title, author's name, course name and number, semester date.

  • Text (start on a new page, numbered page 2)--type Arabic numerals in the upper right corner of the page.

  • References (start on a new page)

  • Appendixes, if any (start each on a separate page).

  • Footnotes (start on a new page) (double space)


Indent the first line of every paragraph and the first line of every footnote five spaces.

Spacing after punctuation

  • After commas and semicolons:  one space.

  • After colons:  two spaces.

  • After punctuation marks at the end of sentences:  two spaces.

  • After internal periods in abbreviations:  no space (e.g., a.m., i.e., U.S.)

  • Dash:  type as two hyphens with no space before or after (e.g., Studies--published and unpublished--are ...)


To show seriation, use lowercase letters in parentheses:  (a) ..., (b) ...


When a period or comma occurs with closing quotation marks, place the period or comma before rather than after the quotation marks.  Put other punctuation outside quotation marks unless it is part of the quoted material.  For example:

  • "This is a new trial."

  • Did the experimenter forget to say, "This is a new trial"?

Footnotes ... Endnotes

Number footnotes consecutively throughout the paper, slightly above the line, following any punctuation marks.1  (Footnote references are placed at the end of the text, a.k.a., Endnotes.)

Bibliography sample (but double space)

Becker, L.J., & Seligman, C. (1981, December).  Do babies sing a universal song?  Psychology Today, pp. 70-76.

Also, please include web addresses for electronic sources:
Find A Grave:

**Papers with only one or two references are NOT research papers.  Please list several or more references to ensure that you have obtained a sufficient amount of information upon which to formulate your opinions.   


Use words to express numbers below 10 that do no express precise measurements.

Levels of Headings (5):

Centered Uppercase and Lowercase Heading (level 2)
Centered, Underlined, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading (level 3)
Flush Left, Underlined, Uppercase and Lowercase Side Heading (level 4)                              
Indented, underlined, lowercase paragraph heading ending with a period.  (level 5)

For example:

External Validation


The nonclinical group.

Not every article requires all levels of headings.  For a short paper, one level of heading may be sufficient.

Underline / italics

Words underlined in a manuscript appear in italics when typeset.  Use italics (or underlining) for titles of books, periodicals, etc., or when introducing a new technical term.

Nonsexist language

Strive to use nonsexist language whenever possible.  For example:

  • The client is usually the best judge of the value of his counseling.  

  • Better:  The client is usually the best judge of the value of counseling.


The above covers only the most basic elements of style format.  If you have specific questions, you may wish to refer to the APA manual.

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