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Bassoon Test Study Guide

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Know the year in which Alfranio came up with the brainstorm for the bassoon shape.

Know what you would tell a beginner who wants to start on the bassoon.

As always, know the foreign terms.

Know which bassoon fingering system is used in the U.S.

Know the parts of the bassoon.  There are many ...

Know the difference between bassoon fingering technique compared to every other woodwind instrument we have studied.

Be able to describe an acceptable bassoon embouchure.

Be able to list acceptable student-brand bassoons.

Know what bocal numbers mean in terms of length (e.g., know if higher numbers mean a shorter or longer length).

Know transpositions for bassoon and contrabassoon, if applicable.

Know how reed strength affects pitch.

Be able to describe the various ways initial tuning may be accomplished on the bassoon, as well as how tuning adjustments are made during performance.

Once again, no bassoon fingerings!  (Iím not THAT cruel.)

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