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Clarinet Test Study Guide

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Seems that someone is actually credited with the invention of the clarinet ... primitive though it was at the time.  Know who this might be, and when this person had enough time on his hands to do so ...

Know who it was who modernized the clarinet, and when.

Be able to translate foreign names of the clarinet family.

Be able to transpose a short excerpt for members of the clarinet family.

Know the names of the various registers of the clarinet.

Yeow, you’d also better know the names of the parts of the instrument.

Be able to describe the general holding position for the instrument.

Be able to describe an acceptable clarinet embouchure.

Know which joint functions as the tuning joint.  Also, know how to make tuning adjustments while playing.

Be able to list acceptable brands of student-line clarinets.

Be familiar with the clarinet’s overtone series basis, which differs from other woodwind instruments.

Uh oh, more fingering stuff.  As before, darken in the keys to produce the given note.  Since there are so danged many keys on this instrument, I’ll try to pick relatively easy notes ...

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