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Oboe Test Study Guide

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Know who invented the English horn, and when.

Know what you would tell a beginning student who wants to play the oboe, but has never played a wind instrument before.

Know what a "crow" is, and what purpose it serves.

Know ye olde foreign terms for members of the oboe family.

Be able to list the parts of the oboe.

Be able to transpose, if necessary, a short excerpt for oboe or English horn.

Be able to list acceptable student-line brands for oboes/English horns.

Be able to describe the generally-accepted holding position for the oboe/English horn (hand positions, etc.).

Be able to describe an acceptable oboe/English horn embouchure.

Know how initial tuning is accomplished on the oboe/English horn, as well as how tuning adjustments are made during performance.

Know which notes are affected by the two octave keys on the oboe.

Hey, no fingerings on this one!

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