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Here we have a bona fide inventor.  Know WHO invented das sakusphone, and when.

Once more, foreign terms seem to have crept onto the test.  Hope youíre familiar with them in regard to das sakusphone.  (By the way, "sakusphone" is not a real term.  Itís something a friend of mine--doctoral sax student at Northwestern--used to call it.)

Be prepared to transpose a short excerpt for members of the saxophone family.

Be able to name the parts of the saxophone.

Be able to describe an acceptable holding position in regard to hand placement, mouthpiece and neckstrap adjustment, etc.

Be able to describe an acceptable saxophone embouchure.

Be able to describe how saxophone and clarinet embouchures differ.

Know how to tune das sakusphone, including during performance.

Be able to list acceptable student-line brands.

Be able to describe the relationship between reed strength and mouthpiece tip opening.

Be able to describe what problems would present themselves if either a classical or jazz mouthpiece were used in the wrong setting (concert band/jazz band, respectively).

Be able to describe the simple vacuum test for reed warpage.

Know what star (*) next to a mouthpiece facing means.

Be able to recommend a basic, good student mouthpiece.

As usual, there will be the fill-in-the-key game regarding fingerings for particular notes.

Be able to tell a few saxophone jokes.  (JUST joking)

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