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MUS 311

Syllabus Fall '07 (Word file)

Syllabus Fall '07 (.pdf file)

*Composition Assignment*

A. Introduction, Chapter 1

B. The Single Melodic Line, Chapter 2

C. Principles of Two-Voice Counterpoint, Chapter 3

D. Two-Voice Exercises, Chapter 4

*STUDY GUIDE, TEST ONE, Chapters 2-4*

E. Chromaticism (Two Voices), Chapter 5

F. Two-Voice Exercises (Concluded), Chapter 6

G. Writing of Short Two-Voice Pieces, Chapter 7

H. Canon, Chapter 8

I. Invertible Counterpoint, Chapter 9

J. The Two-Part Invention; Motive Development, Chapter 10

K. Three-Voice Counterpoint, Chapter 11

M. Imitation in Three Voices, Chapter 13 (skip Chpt. 12)

O. Fugue, Chapter 15 (skip Chpt. 14)

P. Fugue (continued), Chapter 16

Q. Fugue (concluded), Chapter 17

R. Forms Based on the Chorale, Chapter 18

S. Contrapuntal Variation Forms



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