MUS 312 Form & Analysis

Study Guide, Test One (Pages A-C)

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Structural Phenomena ("A" Page)

Regarding the eleven phenomena we studied, be able to briefly describe how the presence of each, or a change in each, may indicate a sensation of structural division in a work.

Structural Units ("B" Page)

Be able to describe/define/explain all the terms found on this sheet.

Structural Function ("C" Page)

Be able to describe the general characteristics of the four basic music functions.


In regard to a musical selection known only to the professor at this time (or, perhaps to students with several thousand dollars to spare), you will be asked for various structural information, such as:

Do specific measures constitute a period, or simply a section?

Identification of specific units that apply to a particular section of music:  

  • contrasting or parallel period?

  • symmetrical or asymmetrical period?

  • elision?

  • link?

  • expository, transitional, developmental or terminative in function?

  • ... just the general hoopla one might expect on an upper-level theory test.

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