MUS 312 Form & Analysis

Study Guide, Test Two (Pages D-G)

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General questions from each of the pages, including:

  • Harmonic pattern of binary form in major/minor modes

  • Structural function patterns (four) related to binary form

  • Basic definitions for binary, ternary, composite ternary, open/closed sections

  • Difference between continuous/sectional variations

  • Difference between passacaglia/chaconne

  • Know the typical sections, subsections, key areas of sonata form (G 3-21)

You will be asked to analyze a one-page work:

  • overall form

  • internal forms, if any

  • key areas for specific sections

  • open/closed

  • list changes in structural phenomena which occur at specified points

  • parallel, contrasting, symmetrical, asymmetrical, modulating

  • find an example of elision

  • locate passages that are developmental, transitional

  • locate specific cadences

Possible extra credit:  compose a full-length sonata   ;-)

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