MUS 312 Form & Analysis

Study Guide, Test Four (Pages K-N)

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Yes, yes, it's time to prepare for another of your favorites--a Form & Analysis test.  While it would take a LOT of cash to find out exactly what's going to be on the test, the following is "pretty close" to what you can expect (for free).

  • You will be asked to spell a pentatonic scale on a given note.  (Be sure you use the "most familiar" pentatonic structure--1, 2, 3, 5, 6--ascending or descending).

  • You will be asked to spell whole-tone scales on certain pitches.

  • You will be asked to determine mode transposition for several short musical excerpts.

  • You will be asked to explain the make-up of various scales, such as the octatonic, microtonal, and provide and example here and there.

  • Be prepared to provide examples of the nine chord types we studied:  secundal, mixed-interval, etc.

  • Several chord-types will be constructed using the same pitches.  You will be asked to provide an analysis based on the chord construction.

  • Re serial music, be able to list the four basic row forms, and explain the diff between a traditional matrix and a Mod-12 matrix.

  • Be able to explain what is meant by normal order.

  • Several examples of mixed-interval chords will be given.  You will be asked to find the normal order for each, and determine if any are members of the same pitch class set.

  • Be able to explain the following:  aleatory/indeterminacy, minimalist, graphic score.

Possible extra credit:  In the few minutes remaining following the test, develop a new and innovative musical system of composition that has yet to be discovered.  ;-)

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