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Study Guide:  Test Four

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Most questions will be short answer ...

Be able to describe the advantages and disadvantages of common sound file types, such as .wav, .mp3, .wma or .mid.

Be able to describe how one would convert one audio file type to another.

Be able to identify common computer connectors (ports/jacks) found on the rear of any standard computer (match name with photo).  These would include:  USB, modem, serial, parallel, microphone, etc.  See Computer Connections.

Be able to provide the internet address of at least one handy-dandy search engine of your choosing.  

Be able to explain the process for attaching a file to an e-mail message, and know what file types may be attached.

Based on your Internet Research Projects:

  • be able to list three computer assistive/adaptive devices currently on the market, describing what each does

  • be able to describe both the freedoms and limitations of using copyrighted materials on the web

  • be able to describe three ways that technology may be used to assess student learning

  • be able to describe how one may apply technology to address diverse student needs

  • be able to name three institutions that offer Distance Learning programs ... not forgetting to include the subjects available at each

If an installed software program does not offer an "uninstall" feature, know how to completely eradicate the sucker from your computer!  (See Uninstall under MIDI Terms.)

In terms of virus protection, be familiar with the two regular maintenance procedures that should be performed for maximum protection.

So-o-o, you're finally a webmeister.  You should know what html means ... and its purpose.

Certain image file types don't work so hot in a web environment.  Name a couple image file types that do.

I'll spare you the choo-choo jokes, but do tell why there may be an advantage to using TWAIN-compliant scanners, digital cameras, etc.

Be able to give a couple scenarios where you might wanna use a digital camera or scanner.

Know what-the-heck video conferencing is, and if there are any advantages or disadvantages where it is concerned.

From your internet research, which notation software would you purchase?  Why?

Likewise, which education/music software did you encounter that you might like to use in the future?

Be familiar with PowerPoint ... what it is, how it works, etc.

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