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Depending on available time and your desire to increase your familiarity with Finale, you may wish to duplicate some of the brief examples below.  These contain a variety of situations that require a broad knowledge of Finale tools, and, sometimes, tricks!

Gavotte I (J.S. Bach)

Note that measures 9-11 only contain two beats due to the repeat sign splitting the measures.  This requires that a different meter signature be inserted, then, hidden.  This example will also allow practice creating repeat brackets, which must be hidden on the lower staff.

Lead Sheet

This example requires adding lyrics and chord symbols.  Notice that there is no left bar line on a single staff.

Hymn (without lyrics)

This example requires the use of layers due to differing rhythms on a shared staff.

Music Theory Example

Finale is also helpful for constructing examples for music theory assignments or tests.  This example requires the creation of figured bass symbols, and stem flipping.

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